A big part of college life is the sex. And it is something that a lot of soon-to-be college students look forward to the most. Why the amount of sexual activity increases so much in college compared to high school is the bulk of our discussion today, along with things to expect and anticipate when it comes to sex life in college.

In high school, not a lot of students end up having sex (or if they do, it is only a minor form of sex such as oral sex, rather than full-fledged vaginal sex). One reason is the lack of freedom for high school students. Students are still living with their parents, who basically need to know where they are at every minute of every day, not to mention the fact that don’t want their kids having sex at all, which obviously makes it even more difficult to do when they are actively trying to stop such behavior. Another reason is that students are still growing and haven’t matured fully to the point where they start to actively seek out sex.

But in college, students are typically fully matured and actively looking to have sex as soon as they step on campus. As a result, hookups are extremely common on college campus, particularly with freshman who are more or less overzealous about sex in general and trying to get as much of it as possible now that the opportunity to easily do so has presented itself. If you are a freshman in college, one thing to keep in mind is that a lot of your hookup partners are likely to be people in your own dorm, since for lack of a better word, there is already some mutual trust that leads to an easy transition to hookup buddy. However, this can often be very awkward, especially after the hookup actually occurs (and especially if alcohol was involved), so be sure to keep this in mind and act accordingly.

Another thing about college sex life is that many students are often exposed to sexual concepts that were never exposed to before. For example, even if you have had sex in high school before, you may experience your first threesome in college, which is a huge step to take sexually. Or you may begin to experiment with your sexuality, potentially having sex with people of the same gender as you and discovering that you are actually gay or bisexual instead of straight like you had always assumed. Or you may end up encountering sex toys in some capacity for the very first time, something that is fairly likely given how pervasive sex toy companies are nowadays, especially the online ones such as Regardless of whether you are exposed to threesomes, or same-sex hookups or even sex toys, the key takeaway is that with all forms of sexual discovery, what you learn about yourself through these small but significant experiences will truly shape the way you view sex and intimacy moving forward.

This ability to expand your sexual knowledge and therefore expand your sexual experiences is the greatest thing about the college sex life. Learning what turns you on, and what makes you tick sexually is something that can only truly happen once you’ve escaped your formative high school years. So whether you plan to get as much sex as you can as soon as you get to college, or simply want to take it slow and let things happen as they come, be ready for college to rock your sexual world and shape how you view sex for the rest of your life!